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Uni Bra - Set Of 3 Pieces

Uni Bra - Set Of 3 Pieces

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Size Chest circumference (in cm) Underbust (in cm)
70A 80 68-72
70B 83 68-72
70C 85 68-72
70D 88 68-72
75A 85 73-77
75B 88 73-77
75C 90 73-77
75D 93 73-77
80A 90 78-82
80B 93 78-82
80C 95 78-82
80D 98 78-82
85A 95 83-87
85B 98 83-87
85C 100 83-87
85D 103 83-87
90A 100 88-92
90B 103 88-92
90C 105 88-92
90D 108 88-92

We know all these headaches when choosing our outfits: bare dresses, tank top, sportswear, it's sometimes difficult to combine lingerie and discretion. We do not always want to buy a bra that we will only wear with one outfit from time to time.

No more hesitation girls with our new Uni Bra! Finally, practical and modular lingerie that will allow you to adjust the straps and the support according to your outfits and the occasions. And hello savings!


Even with a fitted top, you won't see the contours of the bra elastic under the fabric at the bandeau. With him, it's all comfort. It provides record support and enhances your breasts.

No more feeling like you have big rolls on your back! Also say goodbye to underarm and bust bulges with our Uni Bra.

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