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Baby Fly: Electric Nasal Aspirator

Baby Fly: Electric Nasal Aspirator

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Nasal cleaning is part of the daily care you should give your baby. It's not the happiest of grooming rituals, but it's nevertheless an essential step.
A clear nose is a guarantee of vitality and well-being in children and more especially the baby.
The electric nasal aspirator is the best tool to evacuate mucus and germs.


This nasal aspirator helps parents or caregivers quickly and easily remove mucus from baby's nose and relieve baby's discomfort.
2 replacement tips: 1 for babies 0 to 2 years old, and 1 for babies over 2 years old.
Detachable design for convenient cleaning.
Has 5 levels of adjustment, easy to disassemble and clean, wash only the detachable parts and the silicone, the body can not be washed.


Adjustable Level:5 Levels
Suitable Age:0-6 years
Charging method: USB

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