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Kids Connected Watch: Kids GPS Watch

Kids Connected Watch: Kids GPS Watch

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Every year, approximately 50,000 children are abducted or lost. Fortunately, most are brought back to their parents very quickly, but there are still 1,500 worrying disappearances declared to the police.

Want to give your child more freedom while worrying about their safety? The GPS watch for children turns out to be a very good solution. It is an interesting device allowing parents to follow their children wherever they go. 

As its name suggests, this device is above all a watch. It allows children to know the time and learn to situate themselves in time. It is also a GPS allowing parents to know the exact position where each child is when the watch is on their wrist.


This children's GPS watch allows you to follow the child's movements live wherever he goes. Of good quality, it is made with an ecological material emitting low radiation. Perfectly waterproof, children can continue to wear their watch in the shower, in the swimming pool or in the rain. An SOS key is provided for its safety. Other features like alarm and wake-up call are available. A compartment is provided for the SIM card.

Locate your child quickly
New generation OLED screen
Free Delivery
SOS call in 1 Click
Compatible iPhone iOS and Android
Water and shock resistant


With its simple and understated design, this smartwatch is designed so that parents can stay connected with their children and ensure their locationt with a simple click .

How? Using a free downloadable smartphone app, this device allows parents to track and monitor their children remotely. Thanks to PiwiWatch, children can now call and send alerts when needed.


Call function: Parents and children can call each other.
Voice chat:Allows the child to send a voice message to loved ones with a simple tap.
The watch can communicate only with the contacts pre-configured via the parental application.


GPS+LBS Tracking:To accurately locate the wearer of the watch Safe Zone: Parents can set a safe zone if the child goes out of bounds, you will be notified immediately on your mobile.
Route History: You can check the routes your child has taken for the past 30 days.


Remote listening: Parents can listen to the child's surroundings without the child knowing so as not to disturb them.
Anti-lost sensor: When your child takes off their watch, an alert will go off to to warn you.
SOS button: If the child is in danger, he can press the SOS button for 3 seconds to alert parents.


Standby time: 2-3 days
OLED screen: 2.4 cm
Very comfortable Silicone strap
Without any danger to health


Suitable for young children between 3 and 14 years old
Contents: watch, USB cable, screwdriver, instructions in French How it works: With micro SIM (not included) and a plan or prepaid card (works worldwide).
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