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Mini Moisturizing Face Spray: Skin Clean

Mini Moisturizing Face Spray: Skin Clean

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A facial treatment at home.

This mini spray helps you remove your blackheads safely, it also helps you take care of your skin and treat different phenomena, i.e. dry skin, appearance of wrinkles, excessive sebum secretion causing oily skin, or skin allergies.

It not only moistens and deeply hydrates your skin, but also dilates the pores to prepare your face for the next step, i.e. the extraction of comedones and blackheads.

It is light and small, which makes it easy to carry. This model is equipped with a 30 ml water tank, which guarantees a diffusion of hot steam for just over 7 minutes.


Service Time:Continuous Spray
Battery:RechargeableSize: 3.75X10.95X3.15mm
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