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Car Headrest Cushion

Car Headrest Cushion

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Being able to rest well in transport is extremely important.

Most people easily sleep in the car during their trip when the traffic is blocked, especially the little ones who can bang their head against the window easily if the car makes any sudden movement. The neck is a fragile part of the body, a prolonged awkward position can cause pain or something much worse, an injury.

You will need a car headrest cushion. This is equipment designed to guarantee your comfort, avoiding neck and cervical pain.


Whether it's the little ones who need a restful sleep during the day, or the second driver who needs to rest, it is essential to be able to sleep comfortably in the car, not to wake up every 5 minutes or to have painful body aches on waking.


No more neck pain, it will be a real cuddly toy for you and your child. You will be comfortable and you will be able to rest more easily.

Material: Leather

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