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Pro Makeup Applicator

Pro Makeup Applicator

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The essential make-up applicator to have in your kit to achieve flawless looks. Imagine a brush that can give you smooth, even, pore-free skin.

We all have the same beauty goal: easy application, a beautiful finish and no product wastage - because nothing ruins the look of a foundation. We believe you deserve beautifully applied makeup with a product that matches your needs.

This brush is perfect for daily makeup, powder, liquid or cream. Allows you to obtain the effect of perfectly smooth skin, even after applying several layers of product.

Its ultra-soft and unique hexagonal shape is carefully designed with a curve to position your fingers for an easy grip. This professional quality brush gives you a smooth stroke from different angles while easily applying foundation to your skin.

Irreplaceable during photography sessions. Our applicator is made of vegan bristles to avoid any risk of allergy and to ensure an exceptional lifespan.

Free transport box.

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